Our complex approach includes giving high quality solutions adapted for the specific needs of the execution of each and every project we face. The company issues technical passports, examines and certifies for energy efficiency, site supervision and other reports and papers for new and existing buildings. In the list of our finished projects you can find different types of works that range over public, residential and administrative buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and kindergardens, malls, production complexes, warehouses, logistic complexes, installations or engineering infrastructures. Moreover, all the above-mentioned activities, one of the company’s main aims is to grant high solvent capacity and personalized dynamic approach.

As following, you could find a more detailed information about each one of the main services we offer.

Reports and papers

MMV-ENGINEERING LTD provides reports for the assessment of the investment design corresponding to the essential requirements for construction sites – The assessment is based on art.142, par.5 and par.6, p.2 from Building Management Law in Bulgaria. This report is pre-requisite for coordination; approval and issuance of a building permit for the relevant site. The company issues Technical due diligence reports during the investigation and pre-design periods. Site supervision and putting in operation of the newly constructed buildings is one of the main activity for the team of MMV ENGINEERING LTD.


Site supervision

Our main activitiies are lawful start of the construction on site; consultancy services during the work on site, examination of the finished works on site according to the approved technical design; participation in the work meetings; elaboration of Acts and protocols during the construction according to the Regulation N3 issued by Ministry of regional development in Bulgaria; keeping the requirements for health and safety conditions on site; professional technical solutions and advise; coordination of all needed documentation up to putting the site in operation; putting the site in operation.


Technical passports

Elaboration of technical passports for new and existing buildings according to art.176-a, art.176-b from Building management Law and Regulation N5 dated 2006 for technical passports. 


Energy efficiency

Report for assessment of the investment design and for energy savings as well according to art. 44, par.1 of the Energy efficiency Law in Bulgaria. Energy efficiency Examination of new and existing buildings. Certifying of new and existing buildings.


Our Talent

The team of MMV-ENGINEERING LTD  consists of highly experienced specialists in different engineering fields.

 The following specialists are daily engaged with company activities:




Civil engineers


Electrical engineers


HVAC engineers


Water and
plumbing engineers




Road engineers


Geology engineers




Specialist for organization and execution of the work on site


Sanitary regulations specialist


Fire safety specialist


Specialist for minimum health and safety conditions on site

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